Just a bit about me...

I'm Emmie, and I'm an artist working in illustration, collage, and graphic design. I was born in Scarborough, raised in Oshawa. My mom is from Tokyo and my dad was also born in Scarborough. All of my grandparents are from Japan.

I like to merge psycho-geography with design research as a way to discover new ideas. As someone who grew up in a fairly art-impoverished community, I'm motivated to reach communities outside of traditional art spaces. I take great joy in disrupting familiar/oppressive narratives, and using art and design as a tool for political resistance. I also think about human relationships to consumption and the urban environment and often reflect that in my work.

I'm committed to decolonizing my practice and creating responsibly towards empowered, healthy and just communities. My wish is to be a good listener, a constant learner, and a gentle, caring witness. I use my skills to document the precious, fleeting stories of our lives, to honour them, and create moments of joy along the way. I want to learn to slow down and take time to celebrate our successes more.

I have an undergraduate degree from Trent University in Cultural Studies with a specialization in Image, Sound & Performance and thematic work on Memory, History & Trauma. I do a lot of shadow work and love to have conversations about these things :)

I completed a Masters Degree in Design at York University in 2015.

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